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Your advantages
when purchasing a direct container

We can offer you a Direct Container Service which you can receive yourself at your own warehouse, anywhere in the world. This service is based on FOB (Free On Board). Karmakami loads the container in Indonesia according to your order and transports it to the port of Surabaya. We also bear the costs for the document associated with this container. You then pay the sea freight costs from Surabaya to the port of destination, as well as the local clearance and transport costs. On this basis we can then offer you a FOB Discount of 45% on our wholesale prices noble cast stone and 30% on natural stone. Ask for our conditions and additional information.

You can easily assemble your order by calculate the volume and the total price as you can find behind all articles in this website. We charge the relevant volume sizes for the following containers;

  1. 20ft container is 6 meters long and has a volume of 30 M3 / practical loading volume of 28 M3.
  2. 40ft container is 12 meters long and has a volume of 60 M3 / practical load volume 56 M3.
  3. 40ft HC (High Cube) container is 12 meters long but is higher than the regular 40ft. This has a volume of 70 M3 with a practical load capacity of around 60 M3 if everything is on pallets. The practical volumes are lower since it is never possible to completely remove any gaps (between crates and boxes)

The applicable

The applicable guidelines are followed for all our EU shipments, such as stamping all wooden packaging and fumigating the container. The walls are also provided with Silica gel hangers, a moisture-absorbing agent. After a long experience, our containers are loaded optimally, professionally and as efficiently as possible.

Payment guidelines

Payment guidelines; After confirming your order you will receive an invoice with request for a down payment of 30 %. This amount ist to confirm your order and to start production. An average trip to Europe takes 4 weeks. About two weeks after loading, we receive the original document associated with the relevant container. A copy of this will be sent to you. After receiving, the remaining 70% must be paid, after which the original document will be sent to your agent by courier for clearance at Customs.

'The entire process, from the sources in Indonesia to the buyer of an article here, must be as pure as possible!'

Michel Hilgers

Our products

+ - Beelden

Our cast stone statues are made with the greatest care. This is done on the basis of two parts fine lava sand and one part cement.

+ - Potterie

Our range of pottery is not easy to obtain and is becoming more exclusive. These pots, vases and bowls do not retain water, but retain the water in the stone for a long time.

+ - Tuin & terras

A garden image creates atmosphere and gives a personal touch to your outdoor space. Whether you opt for an inspiring Buddha statue or an Eastern faith statue: with a statue your garden or terrace will come to life.

+ - Specials & Sale

We regularly have unique sculptures, pots, garden and patio products in our range. Discover the “Specials” and promotions.

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