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We are Ni Made Sariani and Michel Hilgers, founders of Karmakami Handworks V.O.F.

Made; I was born in Denpasar, on the island of Bali in Indonesia and grew up with the Hindu religion of Bali. Fortunately, I still visit Bali for our import, where I can combine business and private life. Our Balinese show garden behind our warehouse gives me the feeling to experience a piece of Bali in the Netherlands.

Michel; I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but during one of the many trips to Indonesia I got to know Made. Now I have been coming to this beautiful country for over 35 years, of which 25 years for Karmakami. I am happy to speak the Indonesian language to do business more effectively and to understand people better.

Our daughter Sally and son in law Ties have been strengthening the team since January 2021 and this has brought new energy into the company. We are looking forward to new acquaintances and activity, be welcome in Gaanderen!

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Our cast stone statues are made with the greatest care. This is done on the basis of two parts fine lava sand and one part cement.

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Our range of pottery is not easy to obtain and is becoming more exclusive. These pots, vases and bowls do not retain water, but retain the water in the stone for a long time.

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A garden image creates atmosphere and gives a personal touch to your outdoor space. Whether you opt for an inspiring Buddha statue or an Eastern faith statue: with a statue your garden or terrace will come to life.

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We regularly have unique sculptures, pots, garden and patio products in our range. Discover the “Specials” and promotions.

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