Balinese Showgarden

Balinese Showgarden

The garden behind our warehouse in Gaanderen is Balinese styled. The garden is called “Taman Damai” what means “Garden of Peace”.

Last year we started renovations and made new and re-planting.

Now it became a green oases with fine statues and building materials from Bali and Java. In the late spring and summertime the garden is beautiful green and has lot’s of different flowers. In combination with the stone statues a visit worth !

Most statues and materials can be ordered.
Also we can offer you quotation for projects.

Be welcome and inspire yourself.
Visitation to our garden is free while visit our warehouse, we prefer your visit by appointment.

'The entire process, from the sources in Indonesia to the buyer of an article here, must be as pure as possible!'

Michel Hilgers

Our products

+ - Beelden

Our cast stone statues are made with the greatest care. This is done on the basis of two parts fine lava sand and one part cement.

+ - Potterie

Our range of pottery is not easy to obtain and is becoming more exclusive. These pots, vases and bowls do not retain water, but retain the water in the stone for a long time.

+ - Tuin & terras

A garden image creates atmosphere and gives a personal touch to your outdoor space. Whether you opt for an inspiring Buddha statue or an Eastern faith statue: with a statue your garden or terrace will come to life.

+ - Specials & Sale

We regularly have unique sculptures, pots, garden and patio products in our range. Discover the “Specials” and promotions.

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