Product Information; Stone Statues (CASTSTONE)

How is
it produced?

This product is formed through a refined and precise handmade process in Indonesia. It is made up out of a mix of 2 parts of fine sand and 1 part of high quality cement. This is the only part in the process that is blended by the use of a machine. Further molding, carving, coloring and packing is all done by hand. Especially the making of the master moldings is an art in itself, and is done by an experienced craftsman. The product is finished with special exterior decoration paint in order to last a long time when the statues are placed outside. Most of the larger models are cast with an internal cavity, which reduces their weight, and makes them easier to transport. Because of this cavity it is necessary to make an opening in the bottom of the statue. This way, heat building up inside the statue during summer temperatures will be able to dissipate.

All models are professionally packed in carton boxes or wooden crates.

How to

  1. Unpack the wooden crate with care; it might happen that nails protrude. We advise you to open the crate at the backside of the statue and use a hand trolley to move the statue.
  2. If you place the statue outside; use the rubber pads that are applied to the crate to buffer the statue, (or some other kind of soft material) and place it underneath the statue. This will help to drain the water during the rainy season and will also protect the statue in winter times against freezing to the underground. The color will last longer when the statue is well drained. The high quality of this cast stone will last through cold winters, though the color will get lighter after a while through exposure to sun and rain.
  3. If your statue is packed in a carton box, be aware that some parts might be cast thinner than other parts of the statue. Therefore never lift a statue by its head or any limb as there might be a chance they could break. It is advised to lift the statue out by supporting its bottom.
  4. The cavity in the larger models can pick up considerable heat during summer temperatures. It is therefore important to keep the opening in the bottom free for ventilation. Blocking of this opening can cause high internal temperatures to eventually crack the material.
  5. Do not transport standing statues horizontally.
'The entire process, from the sources in Indonesia to the buyer of an article here, must be as pure as possible!'

Michel Hilgers

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